Craig Hemke – US Dollar Money Printing Now Exponential, Disorderly Price Increases Coming for Gold & Silver.

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Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke points out the life cycle of any fiat money creation system always ends up going vertical on a chart. Hemke explains, “You’ve got to constantly keep creating money to service all your existing debts. That’s what this system is, and now we are getting to the exponential phase of it. Just like the Covid virus is now getting to the exponential phase. . . . . It’s the same thing with debt. It’s growing exponentially, so the cash needed to service that debt needs to grow exponentially.”

In closing, Hemke says, “Gold has already made new highs in all other currencies except the dollar, but that’s coming. . . . Gradually, over a period of months, gold is going to go to $2,500 per ounce, and that may be orderly, but there will be a time where it will be disorderly.”


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