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Moderate Dems Tell Pelosi To Pound Sand; Threaten To Hold $3.5T Budget Plan Hostage

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to strike a compromise with nine moderate Democrats threatening to tank the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint, which they say they won’t support unless there’s an immediate vote on the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package.

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S&P 500 Bubble Views: Buffett Indicator, Shiller CAPE, Gold To SPX (All Roads Point To Bubble)

There are a variety of measures of an asset bubble. And each one points to an unsustainable bubble in the stock market. Let’s start with the Buffett Indicator. The ratio of Total Market Capit…

More Housing Inventory is Coming! 850,000 Borrowers Will Exit Forbearance

The ball is in the court of The Fed, the Biden administration (HUD) and Congress. Will they take action? There will be more housing inventory hitting the market soon. As home prices are up and most…

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