Crazy Cold Weather this Coming Weekend

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The big weather story for the first half of May will be the return of the polar vortex. Typically, the polar vortex this time of year is in the North Pole. A piece of the vortex is migrating south into the lower 48. The blast of cold air could bring record-breaking low temperatures. Even some snow will be possible on Saturday and Sunday.

The cold blast will arrive on Friday and last until the middle of next week. Temperatures for much of the country will be 15 to 25 degrees below normal. The pattern is being caused by exceptional warmth on the West Coast which causes a big cool down east of Minneapolis. Any sensitive plants you be covered each night when temps drop close to or below freezing.

This is from Central WI.

I remember sitting in school in may as a kid in the late 60’s and sweating my behind off in central WI. My legs would stick to the chair in grade school. We wore dresses back then and school didn’t have air conditioning back then. But May was that hot, to be sweaty. We’d make paper fans and fan ourselves.

Now we have below zero in May! This is going to be a crop killer! A fruit killer! Not going to get plants now until next week.

Ice age is coming.


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