Create the new Internet (people must start building websites NOW)

Sharing is Caring!


Google downtimes
Super surveilled Twitter
Forums going down one after the other (8chan)
Increased censorship (in the West censor was during wartime: Nazi Germany and Communist DDR, and you find this normal?)

Time is really short.

I advise everyone to start building the Internet 2.0

We don’t need blockchain crypto tech or anything like that. Those projects are being sabotaged too.

Learn simple HTML and PHP code. Get a hosting provider.

Internet 2.0 can look like 2000 internet, no problem. At least you OWN it. It is YOUR PROPERTY and it’s DECENTRALIZED and online and offline if you maintain backups.

Start linking to other sites and Blogs and ask them for permission to copy their content to yours and vice versa.

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I call it the Citizens Web.

People should start creating blogs now. If you don’t have content then get your base ready and setup hosting and learn to script.

Dare to create.

The censorship will never decrease even after a power change.

It’s all in your hands now.

Pro tip for blogs:

Create HTML/content in a fashion that allows you to export it to ASCII Text (for email distribution) and XML exports for RSS feeds to increase connectivity in case of major censor efforts or downtime.

Don’t get those free blogs with advertising and many plugins without backing up every article or piece of content. The big blog providers and the free ones are controlled by TPTB


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