“Outbreak of a flu-like illness could circulate the world in 36 hours and kill 80million people”

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  • The ‘A World At Risk’ report was written by a team of high-ranking global experts
  • It said an outbreak like the 1918 flu pandemic could spread even faster nowadays
  • And world leaders’ responses to warnings have been ‘grossly insufficient’ so far 

A flu-like illness could travel around the world in 36 hours and kill 80million people, experts have warned.

A century ago the Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world’s population and killed 50million people.

If a similar outbreak were to happen with today’s constantly-travelling population, the effects could be even worse, a report has suggested.

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), a team of health experts led by a former chief of the World Health Organization, has produced the report to try and spur world leaders into action.

‘The threat of a pandemic spreading around the globe is a real one,’ the group said in a report released today.

‘A quick-moving pathogen has the potential to kill tens of millions of people, disrupt economies and destabilise national security.’



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