Credit card scam involving FedEx and their lack of consumer protections.

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by Samnits

TLDR; Credit Card info was stolen and $999 item was purchased and shipped to my address. The thief then set-up a FedEx delivery manager account and rerouted the package to a different (maybe theirs?) address.

About a week ago, I received a notice from Chase about a $999 charge to my credit card for a Chief Steam Cleaner (that I definitely did not order). After reporting it as fraudulent, they removed it from my transactions. Yesterday, I received a call from Chase stating that they had reviewed the paperwork with the company the product was purchased from and I would be liable since it was shipped to me. I had the burden to prove I didn’t receive the product. Thankfully, the Case manager gave me the FedEx tracking number.

After looking up the tracking, it didn’t show an address, just my city. I was very bewildered because I never received a product. And when I got home I found a mailer from FedEx thanking me for signing up for their “Delivery Manager” program.

After 3 hours on the phone with FedEx, I came away armed with new information. 1. The scammer had rerouted the package to a different address after it was shipped by creating a fraudulent Delivery Manager Account (this was key because it make it look legit to the bank, as well as the vendor). 2. FedEx would not give me the proof of delivery with that address because I could not prove ownership of the fraudulent account and “privacy” concerns… 3. ANYONE CAN SET UP A DELIVERY MANAGER ACCOUNT FOR ANY ADDRESS WITHOUT PROOF OF IDENTITY (just email approval).

In the end, I called the company the steam cleaner was purchased from and the owner Kevin (shout out to my hero) was able to dig into the transaction using his shipper ID and get the proof of delivery (showing a different address) so I could provide it to Chase and get off the hook for $999.

How could I avoided this? Not sure. Keep an eye on all transactions and be diligent about fighting back?

All in all, I give the following rankings. – Chase: 4/5 – Kevin in New Jersey: 5/5 – FedEx: 8====D

I plan on filing a police report, and maybe mail some dog shit to the other address.


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