Credit Default Swaps Show Liquidity Risks Remain

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Deutsche Bank credit default swaps (insurance against default risk) are moving back up today:

deutsche bank cds

Unicredit (Italian Bank) CDS moving back up after a 2-3 day respite while its stock price remains weak:

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unicredit cds

unicredit stock price

Monte CDS moving back up:

monte cds

French CDS moving back up:

france cds

Italy CDS moving back up:

italy cds

There has been absolutely NO rally in European banks:

european banks

Turkish CDS currently near their highs:

turkey cds

US Corporate bond spreads not confirming recent equity strength:

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us corporate bond spreads

US Junk and Investment Grade CDS near 1-year highs still:

us junk cds

BofA Merrill Lynch Liquidity Index not confirming market strength recently:

bofaml gfsi liquidity risk

Italian and Portuguese 1-yr bond spreads moving back up:

bond spreads


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