Crime is exploding everywhere. Fake solutions abound

by AC

All across the nation crime is exploding.

There are issues that aid the ride in crime.

Mainly very few living jobs

No education or discipline in school

Television and music pushing degenerate lifestyles


No marriage to begin with

No home or family

No father in the home

Purposeful indoctrination

Agent provacatuers


Drug culture

The list goes on…


The biggest issue is no real punishment for crime. There’s no deterrent. Police officers are saying screw it, were done, because the criminals are not punished for crime, especially if they are a “minority” modern prison is not punishment, its a big club ran by the inmates. Mental health facilities are ran by the clients, they do as they please and get away with it and get out and do the same.

When will America wake up and begin to put the fear of God, authority, and order back in the minds of the degenerates.

I understand the agenda and that the bankers have us right where they want us. Im not naive.

We will require martial law and much more if it continues. They want Americans to demand martial law and a crackdown of massive proportions, and were close to that.

The government will have to execute the trouble makers at the end of the road.

The drug gangs, the nuts shooting people up, the thieves, the predator perverts, the anarchists, the “its my right to misbehave nuts” the people that baby and pet the aforementioned groups,

All these people will have to be punished or done away with by the government and military at some point to restore some semblance of order and decency in society.

There’s a reason crime is not a hot topic in north korea, iran, Saudia arabia, and various other places that have dictatorial governments.

Freedom and liberty only works in a moral society full of predominantly peace loving self regulating people.

America is no longer morally correct, peace loving, or a self regulated society by brainwashing and design.

Only a portion of American citizenry are moral upright self regulating citizens. Those of us that are, will lose some freedoms we enjoy in this coming process unfortunately.

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Keep yourself straight, clean, in order, and stay out of public and out of trouble, because if you dont the government will rightly and justly and finally deal with you in the near future.

Its a battle between good and evil.

The powers that be are chomping at the bit in some quarters to unroll the final solution to this plague of filth that has enveloped our nation that they have created purposefully by various means.

The only problem for patriotic self regulating Americans is that once the freedoms are gone, they wont come back.

America has been a great experiment but her days as a predominantly free self regulating society are sadly numbered.

Think Soviet union, and Josef stalins solution for those that failed to adhere to the governments directives. There’s good and a lot of bad to this.

Yuri bezmonov laid it out well decades ago.

Ponder on our future.

Its no mystery to my why every agency is armed to the core, and frankly I dont have a problem with it.

I would rather live in an order based dictatorship or monarch system that a “democracy” as they call it ran by gangs, cartels, thugs, and degenerates.

Have you seen America lately?

The America of 1950 and prior is never coming back. Its not possible.

We will see this in America unfortunately.

The people will beg for it things will get so bad..

There wont be anymore community action groups to talk about reducing violence or prayer meetings to pray about it.

You can believe me or not.

It will be a different way than it is now, or America will die looking like Haiti or Mexico, being ran by gangs.

A well structured, self regulating yet imperfect society.

A degenerate society based on everything that’s bad, encouraged by the elite along the way as means to meet a goal.

If you deal drugs, you should be executed. Drugs are illegal.

If you do drugs, you should do hard labor to want to avoid making the same mistake again in the future.

Sitting in prison watching TV, working out, playing ball, and having sex with others is not punishment.

The government does not punish criminals.

Public whippings and stockades should be brought back.

No politician can say these things in America because of “democracy”

They wouldn’t get a vote, and it wouldn’t serve the bankers plans.

But it will serve their plans in the future.



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