CRISIS BY DESIGN: Feds Begin Hiring $144,000-Per-Year Babysitters for ‘Urgent’ Job Watching Kids Illegally Sent Over U.S. Border.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, where teachers are back to in-person instruction… not for your kids, but for migrant teens who snuck over the border illegally and where the government is now attempting to hurriedly find $144,000-a-year babysitters to watch them as well. All on your dime.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management put out the call on March 25 for heads of departments and supervisors to find current and former federal employees to be reassigned temporarily to watch kids at illegal-alien holding facilities in Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio, and Ft. Bliss.

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The feds appear to be trying to keep this job announcement on the low-pro, as it’s going out only to “heads of departments and agencies” on a link that is “not searchable on USAJOBS” webpage.

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(U.S. Office of Personnel Management)

After Joe Biden announced his border plan to stop building the wall, open the border for illegal alien kids, and promised no deportations, Central Americans and the drug cartels answered the call and sent thousands of people to overwhelm the U.S. immigration system.


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