CRISIS IN SRI LANKA, No Gas, No Food, Country is Bankrupt, Politicians Being Beat, Murdered, Gov Buildings on Fire, Over 3000 killed in last 24 hours

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by r/conspiracy

Pm House

A Group of Politicians stripped and on ground begging for their lives

Politician being chased and beaten by crowd

Politician being stoned

Politicians running for their life

Politicians and Elites cars being dumped in the ocean

But Almost like “Biden” knew this was coming, the US taxpayers gave $15,000,000.00 to Sri Lankan politicans to buy speed boats-which some used to escape-cant make this shit up if you were payed to write a script for a bad movie!

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The police are shooting to kill, over 3,000 have been killed in last 24 hours

there is much more,

politicians all over the world should take notice, you had a great ride, the time to pay is rapidly approaching-you might be able to salvage something by stepping up, exposing those guilty in this world wide plan to destroy our lives. once the shtf-my guess is it will be far too late, and you cant hide forever-if at all.

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