CRISPR–Cas9? – The Beginning Of The End.

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by Ruby Henley
I was researching for the topic of my next report, but I did not expect to discover a reality I did not know existed.
I had watched a video on where the safest places would be when the economy collapses.  I have to include that, as I did take the time to watch it.  In the United States, people are leaving California, Michigan, and Illinois.  They are migrating to Arizona, Idaho, Tenn., and the Carolinas.
This is no surprise, as you can associate Democrats at work in the music and movie industries in California.  In Michigan, of course, you have a high number of Muslim immigrants, and a once proud and thriving automobile industry dead.  In Illinois, you have Chicago – Rahm Emanuel – United Nations model city – depopulation of blacks.
Of course, people are migrating out of those states, and in every one of them, you find the Left/Black Hats at work to destroy the United States of America.  But even more importantly you find the elevation of evil and the Luciferian doctrine.
In another video I watched, there was a shocking aspect within global society that I wasn’t quite aware of.  A school teacher in Sweden was interviewed about gender identity and the change she was witnessing in school there.  She said she was no longer allowed to call children “girls or boys.”  She had to call them “kids or students.” Claiming there was a push to become genderless or to feminize young boys, she said she could no longer really teach…she had to basically make them into “good” citizens or robots.
It sounds to me the citizens of earth are to become a copy of what the global elite choose them to be.  It reminds me of the stories I have read of some extraterrestrial entities called the “greys.” I am not saying they truly exist, so bear with me here.  However, I want you to consider the following information about the “greys” quoted by those who believe they do exist.
“For the Greys, the main motivation for the genetic work with humans is the survival of the Grey species, which is genetically damaged. Travel outside the 3rd dimension also bridges the human concept of time. Some species, such as the Essessani, claim that they are the result of hybrid genetics that are being performed at this time. We’re seeing a lot of hybrid species, as well as species in different stages of their own evolution.
The Grey species is not based on individualization or being an individual entity. For entities maintaining a group mind set ( social memory complex ), individualization seems to cause a great deal of random energy loss. They were initially fascinated both with human individuality and the human emotional spectrum, which they can perceive but apparently do not comprehend what it means ( to the human ). They do understand the concept of bonding, but only intellectually in terms of bonding ( between human mother/ovum source and an alien cross-breed child ) that will serve to contribute to the survival of the cross-breed. They recognize the need for it in the child in terms of survival.  
Species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination survival-based social order, where their “religion” is science, their social structure is geared to obedience and duty, their military concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination through covert mind control programs.”
I thought that was an interesting analogy of the genderless society which seems to be the preferred of the global elite.  Of course, this type of society has no place for Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for humans.  This type of society has superceded God in its eyes.  This is the beginning of the end.
There was an article in the “Huffington Post,” which actually claimed Jesus Christ was the first ever transgender man.  
Quoting the article:  “The first couple’s refusal to cooperate is turned around by Mary’s yes, and the second act of cloning occurs.  The Holy Spirit comes upon the second Eve, and the child takes flesh from her and is born.  Born of her flesh.  Born with XX chromosome pairing.  Born genetically female, and yet trans-formed into man.”
Of course, the person who wrote the article is homosexual, and that is all I am going to say about that.
Now, to get to the actual topic of this article:  CRISPR-Cas9.

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What is CRISPR-Cas9? In my own words, it is the beginning of the end. It gives mankind the ability to change the DNA of a human embryo.  Man can now go in and “create” designer babies.  If you are an atheist you may think it is a positive thing to be able to design your own baby.  You probably, too, are not surprised that man has learned how to create, because you do not believe in God or Jesus Christ.
However, if you are a Christian, and you believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, you know where this is going.  Mankind has overstepped its bounds, or lets just tell it like it is.  Lucifer wanted to prove he could supercede God, and what better way to do that than to be able to manipulate the DNA of a human embryo.  Oh, but there is much more.
Before we go any further, lets talk about the tech of CRISPR-Cas9.  CRISPR-Cas9 is a unique technology that enables geneticists and medical researchers to edit parts of the genome by removing, adding or altering sections of the DNA sequence.
It is currently the simplest, most versatile and precise method of genetic manipulation and is therefore causing a buzz in the science world.
BUT what are the implications of man having such power?
Many of the proposed applications involve editing the genomes of somatic (non-reproductive) cells, but there has been a lot of interest in and debate about the potential to edit germline (reproductive) cells.
Because any changes made in germline cells will be passed on from generation to generation it has important ethical implications.
Carrying out gene editing in germline cells is currently illegal in the UK and most other countries..
CRISPR is a powerful tool, but it is more than that.  If this technology can go in and slice DNA, inserting what the designer chooses to insert; of course, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand mistakes causing mutations will occur.  Is this not what happened before the flood of Noah? Where there not monsters half human and half animal walking the earth?
Doctors from Columbia, Stanford, and the University of Iowa recently published their disturbing findings.
This is a very important paper that will shock you, but you need to be alerted to this new technology.
CRISPR is a dangerous technology, and it is not safe for use on humans.  However, Big Pharma is pushing the agenda of mutating DNA, and thus, they will  get what they want.  They always do.
Certain scientific techniques that can be used to save a life can also be turned around to eliminate the same life; thus, there are major concerns that gene editing may someday be used as a weapon of mass destruction, and terrorists can genetically edit the genome of a common virus and transform them into biological weapons.  Make no mistake about it, they will do it.
In the past tools of genetic engineering were very expensive and only a few scientists could afford them, but now with the advent of CRISPR gene editing technique these tools are becoming so affordable that an amateur can now buy DNA sequences online and edit them according to their curiosity and mischievous intent.
In saying the above, do you realize that mankind is not meant to handle such a power as CRISPR?  We are not meant to play God.  We are not God!
In October 2017, many doctors and pastors met in Utah to discuss CRISPR.  The editing process mimics something that happens naturally in bacteria, enabling scientists to change plant or animal DNA in order to treat disease or address a genetic condition.
Although the scope of its future applications is unknown, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing already sparks both awe and anxiety, even among secular researchers, said Dr. Jeffrey Botkin, chief of the division of medical ethics and humanities in the department of internal medicine at the University of Utah.
“It may forever change human reproduction, allowing people to select their offsprings’ traits or pass on altered genes.  There’s an element of fear about this technology. It gets to this notion of control over life,” Botkin said.
The Salt Lake workshop invited participants to investigate this fear, updating them on CRISPR-Cas9’s current uses and relaying potential concerns. Around 80 people took part in the lectures and group discussions, searching for the right way to “play God” with someone’s DNA.
Do you want a doctor to play God with your DNA; thus, even passing that mutation on to your future children?  I don’t, and I would never turn my back on my Lord and His son Jesus Christ.  I trust them and only them to create in the manner they see fit.
“…gene editing could also dramatically change our relationship to reproduction, making a baby something to be carefully designed, Peters said.
The moral issue is whether children become commodities, he said.
Even if gene editing never enables parents to boost their child’s height or brain power, it may soon have the power to eliminate genetic conditions like dwarfism, which not everyone believes is a good thing.
Let’s not lose sight of appreciating all of us for our differences. We all can contribute something, said Kate Masterson, co-owner of Hatch Family Chocolates, who has dwarfism.
The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique challenges everyone to consider what human flourishing means, and then to see if medical decisions can reflect that, Peters said.
What we ought to cultivate is the strength to (make decisions) with moral integrity, he said.
If the ethical debate surrounding gene editing should center on human flourishing, then faith communities clearly have a role to play, according to Peters.
One thing we need to do is to be sure every child is loved whether or not they’re born with a disability or expensive disease, he said.”
On this I agree.  I just wonder how far this has gone already?  Just what mutations are roaming the earth again like in the days of Noah?  I have a feeling if we knew, we would be shocked at what we are dealing with here.  
Are we going to let the Global Elites create little genderless children, who will follow orders and be good little slaves?  What have they already done with this CRISPR-Cas9?  How much do we not know?  Chilling isn’t it?

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26 thoughts on “CRISPR–Cas9? – The Beginning Of The End.

    • Thank you for the food for thought. If mankind were a spiritually evolved species, God could count on them to handle this kind of technology. But we have not evolved to that level, I would think God just looks at man, and says he will never learn. All the strange creatures washing up on beaches could be this experimentation already taking place, However, I like what you said that we would not have this power unless God wanted us to. Maybe he is giving us another chance.

      • or just evil. There is no real evidence for the Greys either except for some grainy videos and death bed confessions that could have all been faked. There is more scientific evidence for the chromosome theory, but the actual cause of which is not yet determined but is a spurious causation based on mythical history.

          • Well, we don’t really have to really guess what the elites want us to become since they put it in writing, at least their Rosicrucian faction did:
            1. Maintain humanity under ____________ in perpetual balance with nature.
            2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
            3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
            4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
            5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
            6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
            7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
            8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
            9. Truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
            10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature
            #2 speaks directly to your question. How do you define diversity? Is diversity distinctiveness with little intermixing or maximum intermixing that increases diversity in the short run but ultimately leads to homogeneity in the long run. The answer is paradoxical, and it is probably some of both.
            I will not reprint the number they propose in commandment 1, since I believe it is anti-ethical to do so. However, just like Easter Island and the depletion of resources, i.e. trees, that occurred, planet earth also ultimately has limited resources. I am not necessarily Malthusian, but in the long run Malthus will be proven correct in some way. Here is the projected population by region in 2045:
            I believe it was Bill Gates who has proposed the widespread dissemination of Depo Provera, but I have not seen a great deal of information from either the UN or other international parties regarding population control lately. Anthropogenic Global Climate Change is the issue de rigueur.
            Numbers #5 & #6 might speak to possibly the initiation of illegal wars like the Iraq war by GW Bush and his neocon puppet masters, or even the overthrow of Libya by Obama, Hillary and the CIA for which there was no international authorization. Religiously, others might see this as the resurgent of the kingdom of Judah or Judea (keepers of the law and justice), over the kingdom of Israel. (2 Kings 17:13, 2 Kings 23:24, 2 Chronicles 14:4, 2 Chronicles 17:9, Ezra 7:14,)
            Number #7 either sounds like a “deregulation” program now being undertaken at the Federal level, but might also be considered more of a “Libertarian” viewpoint, live and let live.

          • The 500 million humans that are allowed to exist once the globalist gain total power MUST be spoken. The Pope’s Science Advisor as well as Obama’s Science Czar Both throw that number around including the Georgia Guide Stones and most of the Globalist organizations literature.
            World population growth in the 3rd world must be curbed, NOT culled. The Globalist are allowing the world to overpopulate so THEY can take drastic actions once THEY gain total Power. It ain’t gonna be Purdy!
            All the goals look beneficial to mankind. However when men, stepped in sin, attempt to implement them , millions have died. It will be Billions in the future and Satan will be pleased.

          • 1. Why must it be spoken? Who decides, who decided? Come forward, claim credit, let the world judge.
            2. Your second statement is why I mentioned Depo Provera and that Bill Gates promotion its widespread application. “The Globalist” don’t have to wait any longer for “overpopulation” as you state. I assume you have never travelled extensively throughout Asia and India. Bill Gates is a Globalist.
            3. Let’s hope and pray not. Pray for peace and for the world to find sane rational solutions to its problems.

          • 1,. It must be spoken of since THEY plan on murdering Billions of us when THEY take complete control, including their useful idiots!
            2. I have lived and flown low level US Army helicopters for almost 2 1/2 years total in Korea and a year in Afghanistan and also seen the effects of overpopulation in stressing the ecosystem in Iraq/Kuwait and Saudi Arabia!

          • Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia do not hold a candle with regard to overpopulation in respect to parts of India, Indonesia, and China. At least China took some action although maybe not the best course of action since it led to an overpopulation of males in one generation. How do you know “they” intend to eliminate billions of humans on the planet for sure. Possibly, they, whoever they are, understand something about nature and chaos theory and future probability that we don’t. I personally have no idea.

          • Look up the Pope’s Science advisor and Obama’s science advisor. Also it is in most of the globalist organizations somewhere.
            As for Overpopulation, the entire country of Afghanistan is denuded of vegetation from goats overgrazing and women usin firewood for heating their tea and cookin.

          • I did and agree they are extremely radical. I also read the fiction by Dan Brown, “Inferno” that details a possible scenario. However, that does not necessarily lead to an actual plan that will be carried out.

          • But the Irish drastically reduced their population through starvation and immigration. Some say the English Elites assisted the starvation. The Isle is still green. I have seen women walkin up the bare mountains in Afghanis to 8000 feet and beyond to gather grasses the goats will NOT eat.

          • The BANKSTERS financed Hitler’s rise to power and he SAID he would eliminate the Jews from Europe. They didn’t believe him then. Now we have the BANKSTERS supporting the floodin of Europe with Muslims who are dedicated to killin every last Jew. Shouldn’t they believe them NOW?

        • I believe Icke does the Reptilian act for one of two reasons. One is that he wants his message to git out but is afraid that if he is too serious THEY will kill him; OR: as they teach in Special Forces Psyops, is you git the truth, put it right out in front and then wrap it in a monstrous lie so the truth is tainted and no one believes either the truth or the lie.
          Seriously, genetic modifications takin place today in the US and especially in Red China and India will NOT be good for mankind. It will definitely release some unknown malady which could drastically affect the entire human population.

          • I totally agree, Mac. It is as if they are trying to supercede God, and, of course, they are. The fact that this could affect future generations is chilling.

  1. There will be NO safe place to hide once Satan’s Beast assumes his 42 month rule of the NWO.
    Any fool should recognize that some massive unanticipated consequence will occur due our genetic manipulation of Humans and other living creatures.
    G-d have mercy on our souls! Our future is right out of a 1980’s SCI-FI B rated movie!

      • When the US goes down it will mark the end of freedom for mankind. I believe it is just best for us to stand our ground and speak Truth to Power and perhaps receive salvation through Grace and Faith and save a few more souls along with our own!

      • I’m sure also that anyone in a forest what have you that is not authorized with a transponder/chip will git neutralized by a drone. You can run, but ya can’t hide!

        • There is no place to hide, and I have just accepted that. I had to leave facebook, because I was being stalked by a two people from the UN. They traced me from here to my actual real facebook account. They sent me friend requests, and when I saw their pages, I felt I had no choice but to leave. I was afraid at that time which was only about three weeks ago, but I am not now. I am telling you this, as we must accept that if they would do this, then what I was writing must have been true. Google Ruby Henley/IWB/UN and read my articles on the UN.

          • Yup, don’t forgit THEY are deeply imbedded into ALL the security agencies. You can NOT hid your electronic signature. Only us, who THEY think are NOT a threat to them now, are left alone and just monitored. Once you git a large enough audience your safety is in jeopardy. It appears that besides riskin Heart Attacked, Stroked Out, Suicided, Planed, or just plain blown away in a botched robbery, one may just die in their sleep like about 3 to 5 Los Vegas witnesses.
            May G-d bless you and keep you and use u for his purpose!
            By the way, the UN was great article. You are progressing well in your search for the truth, Grasshopper!

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