CRITICAL Week Ahead. If Companies Don’t Produce Earnings MIRACLE, Stocks Will DROP

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What an absolute mess… Earnings may look good. Why? Companies buy back their own shares, giving the perception that the situation is improving. Stocks are pumped up through stock buybacks. How? The Fed keeps interest rates low and money flowing. Why? Because the entire financial system would collapse without it…Follow the money.

We have looked into every factor, every indicator, and under every rock. We have our conclusion. Central banks have created the everything bubble. What we have not collectively come to terms with is that this will eventually end. Most heavily invested individuals refuse to admit the severity of the damage that a central bank induced bubble can become. Weakness is shown in many factors and can persist like with earnings. But wait, earnings are being reported as good? What’s the problem?


World About to Learn If $1 Trillion Tech Rally Was a Good Idea

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