Crooked Hillary Cites Misogyny as Reason She Lost Election…How Ridiculous!!!

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
On Thursday, election loser, Hillary Clinton spoke at a women’s summit in New York. During her speech, she credited her election loss to misogyny and stated that “it had to be admitted.” Clinton also noted that she was  struggling to find the underlying reasons. It is astounding that after 5 months, Clinton still has no idea as to why she lost the election. Her campaign was a flop for the following reasons: the American people did not like or trust her and she promoted horrific policies. Instead of blaming outside sources for her defeat, Clinton should look in the mirror. In the case of the 2016 election, she was her own undoing.
It is no secret that a plethora of voters strongly disliked Clinton. In August, her unfavorability skyrocketed. With women, her favorability decreased by nine points, 16 points with Hispanics, and 13 points with liberals. These groups were predicted to have rallied behind her, but the opposite occurred. Clinton was uncharismatic and untrustworthy. It had absolutely nothing to do with her gender, but everything to do with her policies and countless scandals. In fact, if it weren’t for Clinton being a woman, she would have had zero chance at winning the election. Being a woman is what gave Clinton her only advantage during the race. Many Americans voted for Clinton because of her gender.

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Clinton’s unpopular policies are what put the final nail in her coffin during the 2016 election. She opposed the second amendment, supported illegal immigration, and wanted to raise taxes on America’s job creators. Clinton failed to connect with the people of this nation and her stances on the issues indicated that she was woefully out of touch with the desires of the American people. She can blame misogyny all she wants, but Clinton only has herself to blame. Donald Trump’s plan resonated with the American people and that’s why he won the election.

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If Clinton still does not understand that she is to blame for her election loss, then she never will. She was a big government hack, engulfed by scandals of her own creation, and yet she arrogantly believed that the American people would select her to be our leader. She displayed her lack of fitness to be President over a period of decades and voters did not forget on Election Day.


What are your thoughts on why Clinton lost the election?



14 thoughts on “Crooked Hillary Cites Misogyny as Reason She Lost Election…How Ridiculous!!!

  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a vile, evil, hateful, vindictive, ruthless, criminal sociopath and narcissist, and she couldn’t even threaten and BUY her way to victory. If you take away the estimated 6 or 7 million illegal votes (those that were manufactured, illegals, dead people, people voting more than once, and the cheating that went on in heavily Democrat precincts) she wouldn’t have won a single state. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a very unlikable, untrustworthy person. Thank God that her arrogance and love of herself prevented her from buying enough votes to defeat Trump. Thank God again that the Founders created the Electoral College that was designed to prevent nation-destroying disasters like a Clinton presidency. The Democrat base could care less about what is good for this country.

    • Don’t forget that the Democrat base, minus the donor class, largely voted against Hitlery – she had to steal the primary in order to even be on the ballot.
      The Democrat base isn’t the problem (though some of them are, but the same is true for Republicans who vote for McCain). It’s no longer Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s war criminals (including both DINOs like Hitlery Clinton, Schumer and to a slightly lesser extent Pelosi and RINOs like McCain, Graham and Cheney) vs. the people (just about everyone at the base of either party, who merely believes their particular brand of evil is less evil than the other side’s).

  2. Dear Hitlery: It’s NOT misogyny. It’s all about YOU. Just a thought: maybe we’d vote for you if you stopped being one of the biggest warmongers on the planet? Or if you stopped being so corrupted? Or if you changed your genocidal attitude about Palestinians?
    We the People would vote for Cynthia McKinney any day – clearly there’s no misogyny involved. We don’t hate women, we hate YOU.

  3. Just over two years ago my Facebook account was hacked, taken over, and compromised. I deleted it and started another account. I found out last week that the person or persons who stole my account had continued to use it along with one of my little-used email addresses to make threats against Candidate Clinton. Yes, it was a Clinton supporter, and one fairly high-up in her organization. Thank God I was able to prove that I was no longer in control of that Account. And yes, we are in the process of suing the Democrat dirtbag for everything he has. Apparently, they target inactive accounts and email addresses of known Clinton Family critics and attempt to destroy them in this manner. This is what I mean by Clinton being a vile and evil individual.

  4. Hillary died before the election. Her double can cry all she wants. On 9/11 2016, It was Teresa Barnwell who walked out of the building and sniffed.. “What a nice day, it was” The Clinton monarchy goes on, but without Hillary the menace. Just a “Hillary ” the brand name. Like the monarchy that just goes into succession. One Hillary paraded after another. Can you people not see the difference between a blind , head shaking , seizure prone, demented old hag and the newer, fresher, younger, coherent ” Hillaries”?

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