Nevada Democratic Party moves to muzzle election workers: ‘They’re being asked to sign a lengthy legal document prohibiting them from saying anything that might “impair or otherwise adversely affect the goodwill or reputation” of the party’ – “I think it’s shady,” said a volunteer

Hanging chads and interrupted recounts. Diebold. Russia. Coin Tosses. Secret software and apps that don’t work. And now this. WTF. Too bad we didn’t have a media or politicians willing … Read more

The New York Times and The Washington Post are Resurrecting Proven Bogus ‘Russiagate’ Election Interference on Behalf of the Democratic National Committee’s Power Brokers to Go After both Trump and Bernie Sanders, Shamelessly Hoping to Hide Their Own Election Trickery.

by Dhylan Establishment Democrats are again conspiring to invoke the claims of ‘Russian meddling’ to go after their own progressive wing as well as President Donald Trump. The bogus accusation … Read more