If Trump Is Arrested Next Week, He Will Win Re-Election in a Landslide

by Chris Black

The people running the Biden admin are totally incompetent, some may even say retarded.

Even Elon Musk, a lifelong democrat/libtard gets it:

Buck is a CIA asset and this name looks made-up, but he has a point here:

As we fight among ourselves, our enemies will take full advantage of the weakness we have embraced.

The Clintons walk free, Bush , Obama, The Bidens, et al, more names and crimes than can be listed, all walk free.

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But DJT is the one who must be held to account for hush money paid to a whore?

Based on the testimony of a convicted felon?

There is no justice. We have squandered our inheritance.

We sold grandmas silverware to pay for a trip to woke-pedo-Disneyland.

The Empire of Illusion is coming to its inevitable end.


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