Landslide in Japan

熱海の土石流災害、安否不明が20人を超える。#豪雨 #拡散希望 — 炎上動画・面白ネタ拡散バード🇯🇵 (@enjou_kakusan) July 3, 2021

Landslide Win For Conservatives

Southlake’s May 2021 election results are in. John Huffman will act as Southlake’s new mayor after winning 70.54% of the vote, earning 6,618 votes. His opponent Debra Edmondson received 29.46%

The Coming Trump Landslide

by Wayne Root I know Donny Deutsch only too well. A stereotypical, spoiled-brat, lucky sperm club New York liberal. CNBC had two fair-haired boys they were grooming to be the stars