Crowd Left Stunned After What Biden Just Did…

Biden is increasing his domestic travel with six months to go until the midterm elections, with competitive states on his agenda. Along with his visit to North Carolina on Thursday, Biden was in Iowa on Tuesday. Next Tuesday, Biden will visit North Carolina again.

‘Our economy created 431,000 jobs in the month of March alone,’ he said while visiting a university in the state. According to him, he’s created ‘7.9 million jobs over the course of my presidency, more jobs in the 14 months I’ve been president than any president ever created in American history.’

A total of 194,000 jobs were created in North Carolina during the last 14 months, according to him.

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Voters still are unsure whether they will believe Biden’s argument about jobs. As inflation continues to rise, the president’s approval rating plummets.

According to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, his approval rating hit an all-time low, showing that only 33 percent of people feel he is doing a good job as president.


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