Crowdfunded effort by “Google whistleblower” Zach Vorhies is underway to fight back against big tech censorship

by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) Conservatives and even independent-minded people who support the free flow of information are well aware of the censorship of certain news and content that the social media giants deem to be ‘outside the lines’ of accepted narratives on many issues.

They know that the censorship has been building for years but this year it is so blatant that it’s crossed the line into blatant election interference amounting to in-kind donations to left-wing Democrats including the party’s presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

Now, one person is fighting back against these behemoths, and it just so happens to be someone who knows them well: Zach Vorhies, otherwise known as the “Google Whistleblower.”

Vorhies is organizing a GoFundMe campaign around California attorney Cris Armenta, whom the former Google engineer says has “the strongest knowledge about how to defeat” his former employer.

“I worked at Google for 8.5 years as a senior software engineer. The last three years of which was spent at Google-owned YouTube,” Vorhies writes at GoFundMe.

“With much regret, my former employer YouTube has now become a direct threat to the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands. YouTube is engaging in reckless censorship by doing a mass purge of content creators it deems ‘brand unsafe,’” he continued. 

The engineer also made it plain why the tech behemoth is censoring conservative and pro-Trump content.

“Why would Google take actions that seemingly squash the clear exchange of ideas and differing points of view? Doesn’t that seem to interfere with free speech? The election? In fact, this is EXACTLY the case. Google is deliberately attempting to influence the election by preventing certain opinions from being shared,” he wrote. 

The GoFundMe post also includes screenshots of accounts blacklisted or otherwise targeted for reduced distribution. Some are independent media accounts while others are personalities that the platform wants to restrict.

“People may think that the phrase ‘election coup’ is too strong or maybe even hyperbole. Google wouldn’t ACTUALLY want to do a coup…would they?” Vorhies wrote.

Of course, it would. 

In February 2017, just a month after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported: 

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In a Communist China-style crackdown on free speech, Google has launched a PURGE to take down sites supportive of President Trump.

Yesterday, the entire website was delisted by Google, removing 140,000+ pages of content covering disease prevention, nutritional therapies, scientific investigations into environmental contamination, dangers of prescription medications and more. The internet is in an uproar over the obvious assault on free speech, with Natural News coverage of the Google censorship going wildly viral on social media, radio interviews and article coverage across the independent media.

And now, four years later, the platform’s de-platforming of voices loyal to America and respectful of President Trump continue to suffer what many believe to be unlawful and unconstitutional censorship. (Related: Censoring the Biden story: How social media becomes state media.)

Hence, Vorhies’ effort.

“I know because I saw it with my own eyes. It took me several years of watching Google build this election-rigging machine before I came to the conclusion that Google would certainly try to steal the 2020 election,” he wrote. “This was not something they tried to hide. Instead, they carefully documented it as a huge project named ‘Machine Learning Fairness’ – which I downloaded and disclosed to the public in August of 2019.

“Don’t just take my word for it, Jen Gennai, a current high level Google director, admitted last year to an undercover journalist that only something the size of Google could ‘prevent the next Trump situation,’” he added.

He notes that this fight is classic David vs. Goliath, but it’s one that has to be fought.

“The only thing that terrifies me more than dying and my family being targeted is the world that Google is building for all of us. This is really our last stand. This is more than a coup on the US election, if Google wins it will be a coup on humanity. Why? Because Google see’s YOU as a programmable unit; programmable via its control of the information they return to you when you use Google search,” Vorhies wrote.

If you would like to support him, click here.

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