CRT Continues To Infiltrate Military; Navy Leaders Present Rumps In Full Submission

I used to want be an officer so badly. I had my package ready to go. New college grad. When I got my test results for officer qualification I was bummed. I did great in everything….except that math-the thorn in my side for life. I often asked God why I couldn’t have this life that I was certain was made for me.

Nowadays, I am thanking God that I was not an officer. I would be miserable. I suppose as time goes on, wisdom provides more clarity. With the very radical policies of the current administration, I would likely be pushing back when ordered to peddle Critical Race Theory and Marxist ideals to my unit. Of course, they would have propaganda cleverly packaged as some “mandatory training” using some type of euphemism like “Anti-Extremist Instruction”.

Teachings in college usher in woke military leaders masquerading as “college educated”. However if graduating college is a major qualifier to become an officer, then our military is in trouble. Identical narratives on the evils of capitalism and “white privilege “are exactly what is being taught in every college class in the US. This includes the heavily pushed Critical Race Theory. In my experience, it was taught in every subject.

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Even in physical anthropology courses where I studied the bones of primates, this disgusting narrative was intertwined with the professor’s lesson plan. After a while, you just get beaten over the head with it so many times a day that it was exhausting to fight. Even I became heavily indoctrinated at one point, posting all sorts of depressing nonsense during happy holidays such as Thanksgiving. I felt the need to post about the Wounded Knee Massacre. Here this day people were celebrating Thanksgiving with their families, but scroll on my Facebook to see my killjoy post. Was I trying to get people to hate themselves?


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