Crypto/BitCoin Goes Viral in Venezuela as Inflation Climbs Over 3,000%, Becoming a trending topic on Venezuelan Twitter with more than 200,000 Tweets

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Binance Reaches Twitter Trending Topic Status in Venezuela

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges
worldwide, has reached a trending topic status in the
Twitter social network sphere in Venezuela. The trend before
the weekend, shows just how important cryptocurrency topics
are for the citizens of the country at the moment.
Cryptocurrencies are extremely useful tools for Venezuelans
to save their purchasing power and Binance is currently the
most popular exchange in the country due to its robust peer-
to-peer market. Interest in the company and its services has
been peaking in the country.

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To the surprise of many, Binance became a trending topic in
Venezuela this Friday, with more than 200k tweets directed
to several topics including the use of this popular exchange
and its services in the country.


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