Crypto, Metals How to Hedge Against Inflation during the Grand Solar Minimum: Collin Plume

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Understanding what a Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency IRA with easy to understand PDF…

Looking at the landscape of economic changes upon us as the world is purposefully distracted from Grand Solar Minimum crop losses across the globe, how we will preserve wealth as economies begin to unravel. I spoke to Collin Plume from Noble Gold a bullion dealer, who is also offering Bitcoin IRA’s which was new to me so I asked Collin to explain how he sees the future in crypto and precious metals so I could compare with what I see the world heading for economically.
*House Resolution 5404 : Defining the US Dollar as a Fixed Weight of Gold
*Grain Price increases
*Global food price rises /inflation timeline
*How to Hedge Against Inflation with Precious Metals, will crypto cause inflation, food prices GSM
*Run up in Cryptocurrency later in 2018
*Anonymity Coins
*Forecast for intensification of the Grand Solar Minimum
*What are the concerns in USA / Global about food security
*Gold, silver, natural gas & grains projections into 2019…

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