Culturally Enriched London Sees 44 Percent Spike in Murder Rate

by Chris Black

You know that saying, the future’s not what it used to be? Well, the same goes for progress. After all, no one said getting full multicultural and progressive would be a walk in the park. To get to the point, according to a Daily Mail piece, crime rates are skyrocketing in Sadiq Khan’s fiefdom, Londonistan that is, and as a matter of fact, the same goes all across the board in Britanistan, one of the most diverse countries in the world. By skyrocketing, I mean London, the former capital of world’s largest and strongest empire, where natives are now a minority, saw a 44 percent spike in murder rate last year, and that’s nothing to hide behind in a country that bans butter knives and pepper sprays, not to mention guns. London is currently confronted with a veritable crime epidemic, mostly knife crimes, and the same goes for the country’s largest cities. 150 people were murdered in London in 2017, which is 44% worse than the previous year, while knife offenses grew by more than 20%, reaching 14,680 last year. So far, 60 people were killed on Londonistan’s streets in 2018, and to paraphrase Labor MP Naz Shah, everybody should shut their mouths about the crime epidemic in the UK, for the sake of diversity, of course.


Not only knife crimes are on the up and up in the UK, as the same goes for firearms offenses (yes, guns are completely and totally banned in Britain, yet criminals don’t seem to care much about the rules), reaching 6604 recorded crimes in 2017, which translates into an 11 percent raise year over year. Knife and gun crimes mostly occur in UK’s most diverse areas, where the immigrant population is strongly represented, i.e. in London and the major cities all across Britain.


Burglaries, violence against person and robberies  are also on the rise (for a full breakdown of UK’s crime stats read the Daily Mail piece), but that’s not important for the progressive left allied with Islam, an unholy alliance that dominates the European Union’s major countries, because diversity is all that matters, natives be damned. And this is not a joke either. Here’s a tweet, courtesy of a leftist journalist from the UK, in the aftermath of an Islamic terrorist attack in London from 2017:



How come only European countries have to be multicultural? Should China, Japan, South Korea, Israel et al be multicultural? What is wrong with social cohesion? Some immigration is necessary for obvious reasons, but no country should put up with waves of immigrants who will never quite fit in. However, “diversity” alone can’t be blamed for the surge in crime, drugs, corruption et al. You need a liberal, PC, chattering class of SJW morons running the country as well, and thank God, we have that in abundance.


The lesson to be taken home is this: the exact same thing is happening in America, as immigrants flood across the southern border, making for Democratic votes at any cost. Democrats would rather ruin America than lose an election. Build a welfare state and the 3rd world will beat a path to your door. Diversity and racism are just catchy slogans used against white people. We speak different languages and have different cultures and ethnicity for a reason. You can’t put everyone together and expect all to live peacefully. It will never happen, as it never happened anywhere; history is full of examples. There is no upside to diversity, as it gets shoved down our throats by communist/globalist psychopaths who like to tell us it’s good for us; “diversity” is just the lowering of the common denominator to make everyone miserable. The best places to live are the places with the least amount of “diversity”, but don’t try to explain that to a liberal who lives in a posh neighborhood or in a gated community.



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