Cuomo: “…a declaration of war on states”


Note: I had multiple sources, but the link above happened to have everything I needed on it.

Here’s a very simple sequence of events.

POTUS says, “Hey, maybe I’ll put a federal quarantine around New England.”

Cuomo says something vaguely threatening.

Trump backs down, backs off, cancels the quarantine.

What does it mean? I’ll say simply what I think it means.

The world is under attack. There is a group of people who are currently conducting bioterrorist attacks against the world. The quarantine would have trapped them, preventing their escape. Through Cuomo (whether willingly or unwillingly), they threatened to release the virus in multiple additional locations across the country. “You trap us in New York, you’re gonna see a lot more dead Americans.”

So Trump backed off. No quarantine of New England, and this whole situation is extended another 30 days.

Here’s what Cuomo said:

I’ve been speaking to the President. This would be a declaration of war on states. A federal declaration of war. And it wouldn’t just be New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Next week, it would be Louisiana with New Orleans. And the week after that, it would be Detroit in Michigan, and it would run all across the nation. And I don’t think the President is looking to start a lot of wars with a lot of states just about now for a lot of reasons.

You might say that New Orleans and Detroit are already hotspots, and Cuomo is just predicting that if Trump does it here, to be consistent, he’d have to do it elsewhere.

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But would that explain why he backed down? Can you really see Trump saying, “Oh shit, he’s right! I guess I can’t do that.”

Also, with all this social distancing, how COULD the virus spread the way Cuomo is saying it will? Are we doing all this for nothing? His predictions were very specific. This week it’s here, but next week it’ll be there, then the week after that it’ll be there, and then…? Who knows? Maybe all across the nation.

No, it was absolutely a threat. A threat of MORE ATTACKS. That’s why Trump backed down.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying that Cuomo is a terrorist. If I’m right, he’s a messenger for the terrorists. It’s possible he’s on their side, but it’s also just as possible that they have a proverbial gun to his head. If they’re the kind of people that would do this, then it’d be nothing for them to threaten the governor of New York. Maybe they threatened his family. Maybe he made a video at Epstein’s place. Who knows.

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This whole time I’ve been thinking, why in the hell are we reacting with such insanity to this virus? I mean, it’s a bad respiratory virus, I get it. Old people beware. But shutting down the whole country looks like madness. UNLESS the whole point is to deny the bioterrorists with a target.

Everyone knows that to release a virus like this, you need a crowd. Like at a sporting event or an airport. Or the subway.

But wait, wait, wait – why would a quarantine provoke the terrorists? Because then they’d be trapped. And I mean, call me crazy, but a nearby US Navy ship provides great cover for all kinds of military activity.

The other day, a reporter asked Trump, what should we tell our kids? “Tell them we were ATTACKED.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is at war.


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