Cuomo refuses accountability in nursing home scandal, says vulnerable people were going to die anyway

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) issued a directive on March 25 requiring nursing facilities to accept patients recovering from the coronavirus. That order turned out to be a death warrant for thousands of New York state’s most vulnerable people. All told, more than 5,400 New Yorkers have died in nursing facilities from the coronavirus, forcing Cuomo to reverse his policy last week.

intentionally miscounting nursing home deaths by only counting residents who died from COVID-19 in the facility itself — not residents who died after being transferred to a hospital for serious treatment.

But the Democratic governor is not interested in accountability.

Cuomo was confronted on Sunday by a reporter who asked for his response to families demanding accountability and justice.

“Governor, what would you say to families who have suffered losses inside nursing homes?” the reporter asked. “They’re looking for accountability, and they’d like to see justice.”

Cuomo responded by explaining that no one would face consequences for the disastrous policy because vulnerable people were going to die, anyway.


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