Currencies Will Be Worthless, Buy Precious Metals – Gerald Celente

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Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal and a renowned trends researcher, is back to talk about the recent Bitcoin boom and many other trends coming in 2021. On Bitcoin and its recent price explosion, Celente says, “Why is Bitcoin going back up? It’s going back up because everybody with a brain bigger than a pea knows that the central banks are doing nothing but pumping all this fake money into the economies to artificially prop them up. This is young people’s gold, and they are the ones that began it. . . . One of our top trends for 2021, and we come out with them in December, is the youth revolution. This isn’t going away. . . . Another one of our trends from a year ago is they are going from dirty cash to digital trash. You don’t want to trust that dirty money forever. You can get the virus from that (sarcasm). So, we are going digital. Now, they can know every penny that you spent, where you spent it and how you spent it . . . so they can get their cut. It’s called taxes, but it’s not really taxes. It’s stealing our money so these low-life scum pieces of crap called politicians who have never worked a day in their lives can keep sucking off the public teat. It is also to give all their buddies, imbeciles and morons called bureaucrats jobs.”’s+USAWatchdog%29


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