Current Margin Levels are 28 times 2008 levels…

by Milkdud2000

Hi Apes, (this post is not adjusted for inflation, open to a wrinkle edit) thanks! If using inflation the ratio would be smaller –

I am open to feedback – will take down if im tripping – But from my basic ass calculations – I show the markets using 28 times more leverage (this is for Margin, taken from FINRA Margin Statistics) than 2008 levels –

I was looking at the margin levels – they stopped doing these numbers in July, I wonder why?

July-21 $844,324BN

So July 2021 it was $$844,324BN (and has not been updated since July)

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And in July-08 $30,007BN

So the math is 844/30 = 28.13 more leverage today vs 2008.

Edit – it looks like margin changed after 2008 – they used a lot more – still around 4 times over 2010 levels – Jul-10 $267,468BN

If this is the case, hedgies are even more fukt and a call is coming soon…



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