Cyclical Synchronization & the Global Economy Make Manipulation Impossible

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by Martin Armstrong


A metronome is an instrument to measure the time and that the musicians use for their work. One of the most curious phenomena is observed when different metronomes that have a different frequency between themselves end up synchronizing perfectly. This symbolizes what I find so fascinating in the world economy. No nation stands alone. This is why even contagions appear in the world economy. However, it also makes my point that politicians can promise whatever to get elected, but they are indeed powerless to separate a nation from a global synchronize.
Below is another fascinating experiment with wave motion and frequencies. There is just a lot more behind the curtain than people realize and despite all the conspiracy theories, it is IMPOSSIBLE to manipulate anything and alter its trend. The best someone can do is move in within the range of “noise” but it cannot adopt a counter-trend move to the synchronization. The proof of this statement is the failure of Communism as well as Keynesianism. Any attempt to return to a fixed exchange rate will always fail for the same reason. You cannot eliminate the business cycle.
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