DACA recipients threaten to leave America if no deal is reached

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DACA recipients threaten to leave America if no deal is reached

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19 thoughts on “DACA recipients threaten to leave America if no deal is reached

  1. So leave already…..You and your kids MUST learn that you can’t invade another country without any consequences. The Democommies will have to pick out another class of people to vote for them and their criminal ways….. The Mexicans ARE NOT WELCOME HERE if they came here illegaly…..
    GO HOME and do us a huge favor, ok?

  2. Why are those DACA(average age 25) ADULTS …….. blaming US for their predicament?
    Never a word of Thank You or Gratitude for the educations WE paid for,
    Blame your PARENTS, they brought you here ILLEGALLY.
    It really shows how “adult” they are, shifting the blame. The more we give, the more they hate us.
    They should be blaming their Parents …..
    If your parents rob a bank ….. and give you the money when you are a baby …. you are not entitled to the money they stole.
    WHY is the fed not PROSECUTING THE PARENTS??

  3. well that sorts itself out then, doesn’t it! get out and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! BET THEY WON’T LEAVE THOUGH! They knew they were here illegally and chose to stay ILLEGALLY AS ADULTS! so they’re criminals and liars!

  4. PLEASE !! PLEASE !! PLEASE !! If there is a GOD in heaven, congress please don’t make a deal with in my life time.

  5. Promises, promises…. just like many “celebrities” stated that they would leave the United States Of America if Donald J. Trump was elected the President Of The United States Of America.

  6. DACA — Dumb Ass Criminal Aliens
    Such a moronic threat is the equivalent of a burglar entering your home, putting a gun to his head and threatening to blow his brains out if you don’t hand over your valuables.
    And it is this group of intellectual retards that the Democrats are doing all that is possible to add to their voter base.

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