Dan Bongino: “MSNBC is willing to put complete lunatics on the air who will say absolutely anything at any time, as long as it makes Trump look bad.”

A former FBI official and current MSNBC and NBC News contributor who invoked the phrase “terrorist organization” when talking about Trump supporters shouldn’t be allowed on television, according to Dan Bongino.

Frank Figliuzzi was irresponsible to make the apparent comparison in an appearance on MSNBC, Bongino claimed Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“I can’t believe this guy is still allowed on the air,” Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and congressional candidate, told guest host Jesse Watters. “This is the 8-8 numerology-astrology guy? How this guy is still on the air is bizarre.”

Bongino was referring to a previous TV appearance by Figliuzzi, in which the analyst asserted that President Trump’s order to end the flag-lowering tribute to shooting victims on Aug. 8 (8-8) may have contained a hidden message to white supremacists.



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