Dane Wigington – Wildfires and Hurricanes all Part of Climate Manipulation

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Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says you can see real time, conclusive evidence that these storms (such as hurricane Dorian) are being manipulated. . . . “We can speculate on the agenda, but the fact that that storm is being manipulated and stalled is absolute indisputable fact. The U.S. military started their hurricane manipulation operations 72 years ago in 1947. We have 7 decades of this going on. . . . President Johnston stated on the record that the military had the power to control the world’s cloud cover even then. The notion that this is not going on right now is simply a deception.”

The wildfires around the world are also being leveraged by climate engineers. Wigington explains, “We have many, many sources for the ignition of those wildfires. We are not claiming to come to any conclusions on the sources of the ignition for the fires. What we are saying is the conditions are being orchestrated to make it conducive to make these burns. The template is being set by climate engineering. There is absolutely no question about that. . . . These wildfires are being used as a last ditch, desperate effort by the climate engineers to put enough sun blocking particles into the atmosphere to temporarily mask the Polar Regions on which life depends.”


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