Dark side of TIKTOK exposed…

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TIKTOK stars have become the latest set of celebrities but the dark side of the app has seen its rising talent die from suicide, addiction, shootings, and stunts for their account.

Timbo the Redneck on Saturday became the latest in a string of young deaths among the app’s favorite personas after his truck landed on top of him while he was doing donuts.

Anthony Barajas, Ethan Peters, Dazharia Shaffer, and Caitlyn Loane are among the other big TikTok names who have tragically died over the past year as their followings hit their peak.

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With more users than ever flooding TikTok during the Covid pandemic, fans have been hit hard by the sudden deaths.

“He can’t be dead, he was just getting started,” one follower said of Timbo’s death this week.

“You will be missed and never forgotten,” others added.


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