Please, for the love of god, be kind to each other.

by babyfacehodi

Please, for the love of god, be kind to each other.

Don’t let the media tell you to hate somebody for having a specific viewpoint and don’t let science tell you to hate somebody for having a specific viewpoint.

This constant downpour of hate seems to all be being generated and manufactured online.

Think about your own personal friends for a second.

Can you remember ever having a conversation with them in person that is even remotely as vicious or disdainful as those taking place within the media or on the internet?

Sure, people can change up their personalities online, but wouldn’t that make the society as a whole a little bit fraudulent in its actual discussion of topics?

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Humans have the capacity to be decent and genuine to one another, especially in person. “One jackass” has never meant “all jackasses”. I can assure you that any personal rage you might feel on the current situation is being misplaced. This viral infection is being governmentally mishandled all over the world and it is not simply because of the non-vaxxed. How are they solely to blame if their current leaders are incorrectly guiding them while mishandling their rights and privileges simultaneously?

In order for all of this to go smoothly, people would need to be able to trust their governments fully. So why are they masking genocides at the same time, continually beating and killing minorities on the streets, supporting extremist political views or treating lockdowns like they can’t decide on what to get on the Value Picks menu at McDonald’s?

Individuality is the strongest and most important trait that we could all possibly possess. Do not let them strip you of that. Your opinion is your opinion, regardless of how underappreciated or irregulated it is. It does not strip you of your human rights based on what the topic of discussion is. Your actions would prove to be far more responsible on that front. You have the right to believe just as you have the right to learn.

So please, don’t let others tell you that you’re a “stupid ignorant anti-vaxxer” online or even in person if you have genuine questions about the global situation or the vax for your own personal health. There are many people who haven’t gotten it yet and are ACTUALLY confused as fucking shit about everything that’s going on and may require some good ol’ fashioned personally experienced medical advice that can go beyond “get it or else ur stupid.” Because regardless of anything and what you are being told, when all is said and done, you still even have the right to decide against it if you please. These are human rights. They are not expendable when a global crisis occurs. They become expendable when a global DISASTER occurs.

We’re supposed to all be in this together. “An eye for an eye” logic and mentality will just make the whole world go blind.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe everybody.


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