DARPA funding gene drive, CDC repealling ban on engineering viruses, and Automation.

by DudeYerRidic
Hey fellow conspirators… This is my own theory I’ve drawn from connecting dots.
First, The dots;
Recently DARPA has been involved in many different “gene drive” technologies.
The U.S. federal government is also pressing companies like 23andMe as well as Ancestry.com to release to them, their respective DNA databases.
We all know that DARPA paves the way inventing new nefarious ways to destroy their adversaries…
The CDC recently repealed a moratorium on the development of genetically engineered viruses and diseases.
Right now TPTB need us, the peasants, as their resource gathering workforce. We are the backbone that brings them wealth. Yet, we as a majority, may very well be replaced by fully autonomous AI backed machines in the very near future.
Now, The picture; I believe it is entirely possible that once full automation is in full swing, a virus targeting specific genealogies, or possible a virus NOT targeting ONLY specific genealogies will be released against the masses. Maybe only the elite will have a CRISPR splice to add a type of disarming mechanism (protein lipid whatever) into their own DNA and watch a newly engineered form of The Plague spread globally wiping the poor and disenfranchised off of their planet.
What do you think of this?