Dave Janda – Top Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C. Involved in Child Abuse… Health Insurance Companies Count on Taxpayer Bailout

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Dr. Dave Janda has top Washington D.C. contacts and reveals one of his sources says General Flynn was working with the Russians to stop child rape and abuse. Do you wonder why General Flynn has not been charged with any crime? Janda says, “My source tells me what General Flynn was discussing with the Russians was taking down the pedophile networks. . . . 400 names were provided to Flynn of people involved with pedophile activity here in the United States. The names include top people in Washington, Wall Street and high level players in Hollywood.” The Deep-State does not want that list to go public.
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with radio host Dr. Dave Janda of “Operation Freedom.”

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2 thoughts on “Dave Janda – Top Wall Street, Hollywood, D.C. Involved in Child Abuse… Health Insurance Companies Count on Taxpayer Bailout

  1. Dear Gen. Flynn: Getting hold of the list is cheap… Doing something about it isn’t.
    I know the swamp monsters fired you before you could officially do anything about it – but you can still do something about it unofficially: I’m sure whatreallyhappened.com, IWB, 12160.info, or wsws.org on the genuine left and others would love to get their hands on that list to publish it to the world at large. That should get enough people aware and mad at those on the list to make sure the swamp monsters not on the list will either help take them down or go down with them (which would be even better).
    So if you aren’t one of them, you can still do the right thing.
    If you’re scared for your life and not ready to take the risk, please at least put into your will that that list goes to the editors of those sites when you die. Not only would that lead to the right thing eventually, it would also make sure they won’t kill you.

  2. There was a lot of talk on InfoWars about Putin goin to release a list of Big Time influential child molesters. Now we know what happened. Also did anyone here that Representative Scalise was workin on uncovering DC Pedophiles before he got shot. No more from him either!

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