College admissions fraud involved people misrepresenting who they were with faked claims of accomplishments and capabilities… but isn’t that what every politician does to get elected?

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) Public outrage continues to boil over concerning the various college admissions scandals that are sweeping the nation, reiterating the disturbing fact that getting into college is still … Read more

Danske Bank Laundromat Whistle-Blower Says Complex Web of Big Banks Involved, Deutsche Bank moved $150B through U.S. Unit

by J-LG Deutsche Bank is being drawn deeper into the widening money-laundering scandal surrounding Danske Bank. Whistle-blower Howard Wilkinson, who stunned a parliamentary hearing with an assertion that he … Read more

ALERT! IT’S ALL PLANNED! Proof The UN Is Involved in The California Fires!

For More Information See: Patent-… Patent-… 1992 UN Biodiversity Document Biodiversity Map-… CaliforniaMap-…………