George Soros Says He Worked with Biden “Who Was Very Deeply Involved in Ukraine”

Creepy George Soros discussed his successful operations in Ukraine and he worked with Joe Biden.

Creepy George Soros is on his last legs. He’s so bad that he’s starting to look like Biden.

In a recent interview at Davos the old man shared many things. TGP reported that Soros shared that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could lead to the next world war.

Another video of Soros talking about Ukraine has evolved where Soros shares:

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We have a foundation in Ukraine and it happens to be one of our best foundations… I also want to mention that there’s one person who was very deeply involved in Ukraine and that’s Biden. In fact, I got to know him with regard to Ukraine. He had a lot more patience than I had.

Listen to the rest below.

So what good did Soros do for Ukraine? Same with Biden, what good did he bring to Ukraine? Now ask yourself, why would anyone give Biden billions of dollars for Ukraine?


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