Dave Kranzler: Plunge Protection Team Will Shut Down Stock Market When They Lose Control

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Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics Interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors

Gold trading volume & open interest is through the roof, and Dave Kranzler says that’s because the banks are desperate to contain gold’s price rise! Economic recession and depression are coming, and before long, the plunge protection team will lose control of the stock market, and they’ll pull the plug when it gets to that point.

Dave sat down with Half Dollar on Tuesday for a robust discussion on gold, silver, the stock market, the dollar, the economy in general, and a whole lot more!

We’ve seen some explosive trading volume in gold on the COMEX, as well open interest which recently breached 700,000 contracts. There has also been a proliferation of new paper gold & silver derivatives products in the form of futures contracts, ETFs and ETNs. What is Dave seeing in the gold market right now?

If you average the price of all four precious metals, we come up with a price of $1000 per ounce, and yet, silver, in late 2019, is priced under $17 per ounce. What does Dave think about silver, and what is his outlook for silver and the gold-to-silver ratio?

A lot of big names have lost their shirts trying to short this stock market. How are we to make sense of the stock market?

What effect does President Trump and Twitter have on the markets?

What’s going to be on Dave’s radar as we wind down 2019?

For the answer to all of those questions and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview in its entirety!


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