David Icke 2016 Prediction Of System Failure & Trump Truth Opening Minds

by Thinker

The curtain is back now, even though Icke was saying it back in 2016, Trump is pulling the curtains down! No more lies and dishonor for men and women in uniform, but duty that makes them proud of what they are doing. No more putting other nations in front of the American people, and the Trump “Make America Great Again” is on a big roll and the nation is turning “RED”! November elections are the wake up call for Americans to look at the history of the politicians running, and see what they done. If they don’t serve the people, the record will show it and those who aren’t for the people, aren’t wanted under MAGA.

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The destabilization of the people has been exposed and since Hillary Clinton didn’t win, and the left has failed three times to rid the U.S. of Donald Trump, there is hope for the people.

David Icke in 2016 was right about what the world is experiencing today in 2018 and what to expect out of 5D/G.


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