The Trump Effect? Poll Shows 71% of Business Owners Want More China Tariffs

by Thinker

A majority of business owners, including small business owners, support additional tariffs on China, according to a poll released from UBS polling. A majority of business owners also supported additional tariffs on Mexico, Europe, and Canada. The poll revealed that 71 percent of business owners support additional tariffs on China. 66 percent of business owners said they support additional tariffs on Mexico and 64 percent said they supported additional tariffs on Europe. Further, 60 percent of business owners support additional tariffs on Canada.

Additionally, the poll found that 59% of the:…a-tariffs/

Politicians, Americans, Spy’s selling the national secrets of a nation for self gain and power.

Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East analyst & commentator

In the NY TIMES of April 4, 1998, Jeff Gerth with Raymond Bonner exposed a manipulation wherein the US government and 2 major American arms companies transferred Ballistic Missile technology to China. As a Grand Jury was investigating whether 2 American companies (Loral Space & Communications and Hughes Electronics) gave China space expertise that significantly advanced Beijing’s ballistic missile program, President Clinton approved of this transfer 2 months ago.

(1)Clinton undercut a Grand Jury investigation in order to protect what? or whom? Gerth also exposed the huge $2.5 million contribution made by Loral and Hughes to the Democratic Party since 1991.

(2) The Gerth/Bonner NYT article tells us that this China transfer investigation began as a result of an incident 2/15/96 when:

Walmart and China Joint Venture – All About the Money and Nothing About American?

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From the beginning, Sam Walton and Wal-Mart focused on buying goods as cheaply as possible, which often meant buying imports. Here is an examination of the history of Wal-Mart’s procurement practices in Asia and China — even through its own “Buy American” promotional campaign in the 1980s and 1990s — and the prognosis for the future. “Sam was an advocate of importing. It was his vision,” said a retired senior executive, who was a buyer in Wal-Mart’s Hong Kong office in the 1980s, and who asked to keep his identity private. “Our first office was in Hong Kong, then Taiwan.

Korea soon after. We’d visit factories, see how they store goods. You would look at every step of the process very carefully.” “From the beginning, Walton had bought goods wherever he could get them cheapest, with any other considerations secondary,” writes Bob Ortega, author of the Wal-Mart history, In Sam We Trust. By the early 1980s, Ortega reports, Walton “increasingly looked to imports, which were usually cheaper because factory workers were paid so much less in China and the other Asian countries.”

According to Ortega, Walton himself estimated that imports accounted for:…china.html

Flashback February 8, 2012 – How Reagan Sold The United States Piece By Piece

by Harry Deshpande 20 Comments

One thing that the libertarians are extremely good at is channeling the anger at Democrats for the Republican misdeeds. The methodology is rather simple and this is how it works.

1. Take any action where the government made a big boo-boo!
2. Keep talking about the mistake and how that mistake would not have happened if there was no government.
3. The job is almost done when (2) is established since it is well known that every Libertine and a large section of Republicans are against government interference.
4. Convert people’s mistrust of government into support for Republicans.

Take the recent racist super bowl ad; this advertisement is an excellent example of Republicans selling their country and blaming it on Democrats. No one denies that there is some truth behind the accusations; Americans jobs are getting outsourced, it is not a fair competition, and some countries are getting richer at America’s expense. The question is why blame it on Democrats? After all, was it not Ronald Reagan who started the process of selling this country?

It was Reagan who echoed Ayn Rand‘s philosophy that one who is poor is also lazy and one who is lazy is poor as well. Unemployment rates reached double digits during his presidency. The gap between rich and poor increased under his watch and it was his policies that:…-by-piece/


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