DAVID MARCUS: Newsom, Dems all about racism until Larry Elder is attacked.

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The driving force behind the recall effort to remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom from office was hypocrisy. More than anything else the image of him dining at a posh restaurant, French Laundry, free of a mask, while ordinary folks could barely leave their house, turned much of his state against him.

But with just days to go before the election, there is another hypocrisy entering the race, it is the shabby and racist treatment of GOP candidate Larry Elder.

It began with the Los Angeles Times running a piece claiming that Elder is the “Black face of White supremacy,” a claim that was repeated by an official speaker at a Newsom event. After that, Elder was accosted by a person wearing a gorilla mask who threw an egg at him.

We all know that if this had happened to a Black Democrat, we would be days into a national conversation about systemic racism. But Elder is a Black conservative, so that isn’t happening.


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This is CNN — and the L.A. Times: L.A. Times Columnist Jean Guerrero Says Larry Elder Is Pushing ‘White Supremacist Worldview’ and Poses ‘Real Threat to Communities of Color.’

During the segment, neither Guerrero nor Stelter made any mention of last week’s incident where Elder was holding a political event when a woman wearing a gorilla mask attacked his campaign staff and tried to throw an egg at him. Elder responded to the incident by saying that if he were a Democrat, the assault would’ve drawn a lot more media coverage and condemned as an example of “systemic racism.”


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