DD: Hedging TSLA Tail Risk

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Recently with the arrest of G. Maxwell, I’m sure we’re all sure many wealthy people are terrified. Elon Musk could be one of these people. I write this as it should be a consideration for the Longs, given how high the stock price has run up recently. It may be prudent to hedge some of this tail risk. If this gains traction, TSLA will likely crash with a long recovery time needed to come back.

Elon’s health has also been deteriorating for some time. Studies show people suffering high stress (Accounting PracticesLawsuitsEpstein) tend to gain weight. With Elon, it’s lie after stretched truth after missed deadline

We’ve all seen the “Photobomb” of E. Musk and G. Maxwell: Link

This led to many on the internet doing there own research. Some highlights below.


Kimball Musk set up w/ someone via Epstein

Elon’s Ex-Wife possibly intro’d to Elon via G. Maxwell

Ex-wife denying in a public statement (seems produced professionally) having ties to G Maxwell

Elon starting a self-defensive Twitter War w/ this Journalist . Strange, as if this was a nothingburger, why is Elon going all out ??????

Elon, other powerful ppl, sharing a meal with Epstein (Documented and confirmed)

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Epstein possibly advised Tesla at one point. Elon denies, but adviser during this time is still not revealed, leading to possibly Epstein. Do we still take Elon at his word after all these years ???

If you’d like another take on the situation, follow this link. I agree, this has a low chance of blowing up the stock. Given the traction it’s gaining online, it’s worth paying attention to.

If Elon is innocent, he isn’t doing himself justice here. We all know he’s a bit autistic w/ this stuff, but my B.S. sensors are going off here, compelling me to create this account and fill out this post. Something doesn’t feel right. Additionally, there are rumors of poor accounting practices.

Disclosure: I’m short TSLA via Jan 15 2021 Put Options, Strike $200.

Edit, More stories:

Elon’s Dad had a kid w/ Stepdaughter

Tesla can’t procure D&O for Elon

Edit: Someone on Twitter concisely summed a lot of this up:


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.



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