DD : Intel

by the_dark_side

A little bit of background on Oregon, where the Intel Headquarters is located and 40% of their overall Fabrication sites are located.:

  • Oregon can currently test about 80 people a day. Basically, we have no idea how many people are sick in the state. But there has been multiple community spread cases and we have a elderly care facility overrun with the shit. My guess is Oregon is ~6 days behind Seattle, WA.
  • Oregon is sandwiched between Seattle, WA (north) and a 3.5 hour drive. And SFO, CA (south) a 2 hour flight. Both of which are heavily infected with Corona Lung AIDS.
  • Oregon case numbers are rising.

Intel and Corona Lung Aids

  • Headquarters in Oregon
  • Has their own damn jet that flys back and forth to SFO every day.
  • Has a shit ton of people that fly back and forth to Seattle, Washington to meet up with partners (Microsoft) every day.
  • Before CLA (Corona Lung AIDS) Intel was having problems meeting their production goals due to 10nm ramp up issues for their processors.
    • Basically, to dumb it down, your computer goes ‘beep beep’ because of Intel. They were having problems getting the Beep Beep to your Autism machine.
  • Intel has 14 Active Fab sites. Where the Beep beeps are made.
    • 6 are in Oregon (About to hit the ‘boom’ for CLA)
    • 5 more are spread across the southern USA.
    • 1 in Ireland (shit show of CLA, Connor Mcgreggor’s Aunt died for christ’s sake!)
    • 1 is in China (strangely, the safest one?)
    • 2 are in Israel. The place that was last to fall in World War Z

Can you read the writing on the wall?

Fabs need humans to make the beep beep roll out. Intel is already having problems meeting demand. And we all know that AMD makes better Beep boops and doesn’t have so much exposure to Corona Lung Aids since their production is handled in Taiwan, where they take sickness serious, not like Oregon rednecks.

TL;DR : Puts on Intel for Mid April all the way through to 2021. Price target – who the fuck knows? But definitely lower then their biggest low – so you autistic punks will probably go way OTM. What makes this shit even better is that people are thinking Intel is a super safe play because they have good debt ratios and shit. So the options are still cheap, cause what could possibly hurt them? Well, what if something shut down 50% of their Beep Beep production capapbility?


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.