Report about the condition in Germany

by LaweKurmanc

Just wanted to give a quick report about the conditions in Germany:

  • Many people didn’t expect it to become this big. A little bit nervousness and fear is spreading. Beforehands many tried to be cool or make fun of it.
  • People are told to stay home and try to keep down the numbers, so that the hospitals wont be overrun. Currently the health system is doing pretty good, but unsure whether it will stay like this. Number of cases increase 35 – 50% per day.
  • The government is acting a little bit hesitant. But the number of breathing apparatus are being increased.
  • Schools are now closing for 5 weeks as well as Kindergartens and Universities. Students don’t know whether their exams will take place. People still go to work but many are told to work from home. Those who can’t, don’t know what to do with their little kids at home.
  • All events with more than 75 people are cancelled as well as weddings. Night clubs are closed.
  • Metro and trains are still much used. Supermarkets are overrun. Today police was called in my city because two man fought over toilet paper.
  • In bigger cities supermarkets are out of toiletpaper, flour and desinfectant for days. But now other shortages add to it like spaghetti, oil, vegetables, …
  • Denmark and Poland are closing the border. Austria already closed it.
  • Edit: Streets are empty as fuck. Shops are open and try to attract people with discounts.
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The situation in other neighboring countries (UK, France, Spain) has become much worse than here.