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by josiborg

I’m in Walmart trying to buy my kid’s allergy formula when I find they are all out. Which is a little surprising because there’s really not a huge demand but it’s possible I just showed up at the wrong time. I talk to the customer service lady in the baby department who then tells me she’ll order 16 cans for next truck on her hand gun ($800 retail). She gets an error she’s never seen before and calls the manager over. He can’t figure it out either so they call on the store manager to get me my baby formula.

This guy goes in to great detail how every Walmart has locked employees from being able to manually order anything because people are stocking up like it’s Y2K. Walmart is scared of a few things. One being the ability to sell items to the whole community. Like baby food, it’s possible people buy out their Walmart and during the inevitable Corona Meltdown price gouge a $40 can on the street for $200. They also don’t think their supply chains can keep up with a prolonged demand of individuals buying $500 in toilet paper every other day. And returned goods. When the dust settles and people realize they bought $15,000 worth of shit they don’t need the company is going to have waves of massive returns.

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These shelves are more empty than when Katrina happened and the staff say they haven’t seen this crazed stockpiling since Y2K


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