Deadline Day for Department of Justice – Trump Override to Bring Transparency?

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by Thinker

Lies and withholding evidence may have the president moving on his own to bring the truth to the public. Trying to give those who job it is to reveal the truth a chance to do it, nothing seems to be happening. If organizations hold out, Trump can just order the release and say to hell with everyone. Democrats are meeting behind closed doors to get stories straight?

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President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at MASSIVE Rally in Great Falls, Montana July 5, 2018
Trump taking the time to address the people who voted him into the White House. With every appearance, more and more transparency coming out. President Trump doesn’t have a problem telling the truth, because unlike many other politicians, he doesn’t have anything to hide. For the first time in the history of a president, Americans “ARE” getting transparency. Know your politician before you vote for them!

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