Deadly banana fungus reaches Latin America


A deadly fungus is threatening the Cavendish banana in Latin America. The Cavendish is a genetic clone that accounts for 95% of all global exports and Columbia has just declared a national emergency as the fungus reaches local plantations. The fungus infects banana plants which are then unable to bear fruit.

There are usually many clones of fruit and vegetables which are continually introduced but there has been almost no research into bananas until very recently. The Cavendish is in danger of being wiped out.

Before the Cavendish, the most dominant banana variety was the Gros Michel, but this was wiped out in the 1950s by Panama Disease.

Researchers are currently working hard to produce a new resistant variety of banana which could replace the Cavendish.

I’m still testing the waters of investing, but could this represent a potentially exciting investment opportunity into exporters less reliant on the Cavendish?


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