Deagel analysis – the most dangerous places to live and the safest places to live

From my pharmaceutical scientist friend:

Deagel is a US Govt Military Website that forecasts population changes. Up until April 2021 it provided forecasts of population up until the year 2025. These forecasts have now been removed from their website. Luckily they were systematically archived before hand.

I carried out an analysis of the data to determine which countries will be the epicentre of the coming cull, and which countries will be safe zones.

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I owe it to you to publish this data, so you can find safe refuges as best you can

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The main conclusions from this would be –
1. It is extremely dangerous to stay in UK, USA or Germany – the epicentres of this slaughter –
the places where they make the vaccines (4 in 5 will die here)
2. G7 countries in general are a bad idea (1 in 3 will die at best)
3. European countries in general are unsafe.
4. The European countries I have high-lighted in yellow, appear to be the safest –
Romania, Belize, Chechia, Lithuania, Finland, Hungry, Latvia (in the latter only 1 in 20 die)
5. There are quite a number of countries where there is no culling
In Summary
Get as far away as you can from UK, USA and Germany. These monsters are planning the utter
destruction of their own populations. It is almost like a suicide cult.


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