Dear Pres. Trump: I am about to give up on trying to Make America Great Again

by PhysicalGeographer


Dear Pres Trump:

You have done some great things since taking office such as improved our economy with tax breaks, rolled back unnecessary regulations, decreased the joblessness rates in the country, bring down ISIS etc. These great things you have done for us but what the hell can you do to end this destruction of our Constitution and prosecute political racketeering, fraud and other criminal behavior by the DOJ, FBI and members of the Obama administration?

For two years, your loyal followers were told the Hillary belongs in jail, Comey and others need to go to prison for treasonous and SEDITIOUS activities against our govt. Frankly, I am tired of watching the liberal left wing idiots stop, hinder and beat up our justice system to gain a political advantage at every polling place and court while you are basically doing nothing. The citizens of this country who want to MAGA cannot achieve it because of what these idiots are doing to our society.

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WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU NOT ARRESTING THESE PEOPLE? How can we MAGA when political criminals go free to do what ever the hell they want and bad mouth you? I am tired of a two tier justice system. I am tired of watching Hannity every night talk about criminal activities by the democrats and nothing is being done to prosecute them. I am tired of Muellar being in the news. I am tired of you having to fire your staff because of mistrust. How can we follow and trust you if you cannot even get your own staff to follow and trust you?

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If you want to continue to MAGA Mr. President, start having these political hacks arrested now. Stop tweeting, stop having Whitehouse Press Conferences, stop giving your enemies fuel to fan the flames of discontent amongst all Americans. Its time to put your foot down and lead by example by making examples out of these bullies and insubordinate people and start sending people to jail. Thank you