Death of the Empire? City of Oroville Declares Independence

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by Chirs Black

A small town in Northern California with 15,000 people has declared themselves a Republic and that they will not obey Californian or US Federal orders. 

The whole world is watching;if Oroville succeeds in their balkanization from the Government, other counties and states will notice and begin to follow their lead. 

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“the escalating crisis over the Constitutional Republic City of Oroville enters its second month, U.S. military leaders have refused to rule out an invasion.“

Not much reported on this besides this one article:

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Sometimes you have to sit back and marvel at the undeniable fact we are living in a dead or dying empire, consistent with late stage Rome or the Soviet Union. Just two decades ago we were the “sole superpower” and the “global hegemon” in a “unipolar moment.” 

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Now no one on earth truly believes that. 

We’re fat, sick, tired, bankrupt, and riding on Jewish monetary tricks to maintain the facade of prosperity. And the regime’s remaining motivating animus is to oppress, poison, and replace the White native majority that made America’s greatness possible in the first place, while exporting its sick ideology to the rest of the world.

What a time to be alive! The opportunities will be wild when this shitshow eventually goes up in flames.


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