Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Testify Against Clinton if She Doesn’t Commit Suicide?

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by Thinker

If you’ve been following the Debbie Wasserman Schultz voter fraud and murders in Florida, then you can understand why she is willing to turn states evidence against the Clinton’s. If she doesn’t speak up, then she is the one going to jail and they will throw away the key!

There are multiple freight trains headed the way of the Deep State. I know it is hard to believe that Hillary will ever spend a day behind bars. However, after reading this 3 part series, it is hard to believe that she will not. If it one thing to dodge one bullet. It is another to dodge a volley of bullets fired at point blank range and that is what key members of the Deep State are facing, especially Hillary. The Clinton email investigation by Comey and the IG report provided Federal authorities with enough to prosecute Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Comey, McCabe, Paige, Strzok, Paige et al.

Keep in mind, the FBI never looked at the content on the DNC server. Many feel that would have implicated Podesta in th murder of Seth Rich. The IG report stopped just short of implicating Obama in the fake Dossier which should be sending Loretta Lynch to prison along with Rosenstein. In Part One, I detailed how McCain, Clinton and Obama are implicated in the formation and providing material support for terrorists including ISIS. Previously, I exposed Clinton and Obama for Benghazi and the attempted cover up that they sanctioned, with regard to gun running, drug dealing and child-sex-trafficking. Benghazi, as I previously revealed was conducted to cover up these crimes, just 7 weeks before the 2012 election.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner have tapes on virtually all of these events according to a deep cover FBI source. I have written about this a number of times, maybe now, people are ready to connect the same dots I did back in 2016.

Comey and Clinton

Comey’s investigation was actually very complete and produced actionable evidence that should have sent Hillary to prison for life. Comey excoriated Clinton and then as he was reeling her in for the kill, he cut the line, exonerated her, and let America’s biggest snake slither into the darkness. The investigation could be characterized as “EXCORIATION TO EXONERATION”.

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The IG Report

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The IG report convicted the FBI of illegal surveillance of private citizens, collusion to plant false evidence, and most of all, flagrant violations of the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act prevents Federal employees from working to influence and publicly supporting a candidate, or in Trump’s case, working to block the election of a candidate. The IG Report followed the same exact strategy of EXCORIATION TO EXONERATION. The American people have been made aware of the fact that crimes were committed, but are told the crimes are not sufficient enough to warrant indictments. Therefore, the same pattern of EXCORIATION TO EXONERATION REMAINS IN PLAY!

America should be in the streets with pitchforks over thes two failures to indict, but instead of people like Clinton doing the perp walk, the perps are walking. However, this may change. There are two very serious revelations surfacing that even a compromised IG cannot ignore, without being charged with obstruction.

As a side note, many people have:…te-part-2/

Your a Clinton lover? I was to, and even gave my favorite Clinton Bill a pass in the whole Monica “I didn’t have sexual relations” scam. I didn’t think there was anything that could knock Bill Clinton off the pedestal that I had placed him on. Then the Youtube video “Clinton Chronicles” came across my computer screen and my life and they way I once admired a man and his family changed. Listening to the people from the home town of the Clinton’s shocked and saddened my heart. By the end of the documentary on the murders and drug running I was angry at the thought I had fallen for a grand illusion. The sex tape video is the one that will be the final nail in the coffin and the last of the Clinton lovers to jump ship. Never should one love another for words, appearance, title, or wealth. The most important part of a person is their heart, which by actions the content of it is revealed. How many have wanted to tell the truth and have been stopped? Suicide is the way to stop all investigations…and doorknob suicides have now become the popular way to die. Suicides are now the deaths that should be investigated and the history of the dead person researched back to birth.

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12 Clinton Whistleblowers Found ‘Hanging From Doorknobs’

A CIA agent claims the recent spate of celebrity ‘suicides’ all bear the hallmarks of a professional hit job, designed to silence others from going public with damaging political information. Following the death of CNN reporter Anthony Boudain last week, former agent Robert David Steele pointed out that a growing number of whistleblowers have all been found inexplicably ‘hanging from doorknobs.’ Bourdain’s ‘suicide’ followed the death of fashion designer Kate Spade only a few days prior. Like Mr. Bourdain, Spade was also found hanging from a doorknob. Spade and Bourdain both had knowledge of child sex trafficking operation linked to the Clinton’s. If you knew Anthony Bourdain, he loved life, and alcohol and if he were going to take his life it wouldn’t have been by hanging. He would have turned to something he enjoyed cocaine or heroin which at one time he had a problem with. Suicide closes the case, and in the case of Bourdain and so many others, their bodies are cremated within the week of their death. No second chances to investigate if it really was suicide. According to agent Steele, the circumstances of the death has a significant symbolic meaning that intelligence agencies immediately recognize: “Hung on doorknobs…means choked for speaking out against the cabal.” List of celebrities silenced by the Clinton’s: Will Wasserman/Shultz be the next suicide to be added to the list? Eyes Open!


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